Vehant’s DepScan UVSS is the Next-Gen game-changing technology for the ever-growing realm of security tech with an improved reliability and automation level

New Delhi (India), December 2: Vehant Technologies, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning- based physical security surveillance solutions, launched DepScan UVSS, a security tool that uses stereoscopic vision technology to scan the underside of vehicles. With unconventional stereoscopic vision technology, DepScan does depth-based comparison using multiple cameras, which are placed side by side to obtain multiple views of the underbelly of any vehicle from different angles. The system generates a point cloud-based 3D model which helps to get the relative depth information.

Vehant’s DepScan UVSS is the Next-Gen game changer in under-vehicle scanning. It a state of the art technology for the ever-growing realm of security tech providing better reliability and automation of checking for presence of any explosives, contraband objects attached to the underside of a vehicle . The stereo vision camera systems are calibrated to capture images in real-time and use color depth mapping for better visibility of the undercarriage. 3D depth cameras of DepScan offer exactly the image and depth data needed for the detection of threats when compared with standard images from the database.

Commenting on the launch, Kapil Bardeja , Co-Founder and CEO, Vehant Technologies said, ‘It is always advisable to make provision for the latest security equipment as safety first is safety always. We have always believed in providing innovative solutions and achieving excellent results. DepScan performs an in-depth area scan of the underbelly of the vehicle. Under-vehicle scanning is crucial in various crowded places and sensitive areas and DepScan is a fast, effective tool that ensures the safety of people in an easy manner.

DepScan is equipped with an advanced and user-friendly GUI. The solution automatically highlights anomalies to the vehicle underside through audio and visual alarms. Its vacuum air cleaning system removes dirt accumulation on top of the camera so that a clear image can be captured with pristine clarity at all times during the day and at night. The optional features like the driver camera and number plate recognition camera offer additional images of the driver and the license plate respectively with pristine clarity.

‘The system provides better reliability and higher level of security to public and private sector stakeholders to prop up their efforts to integrate protective security measures into public and private places to mitigate vehicle-borne threats. DepScan is useful and can be installed at high-security public places like airports, train stations, malls, hotels, government buildings and the like.’ he added.

The impressive technology of DepScan under vehicle scanning system scans and detects threats that may be concealed in the underside of the vehicle like contraband, unauthorized person, etc. The system is extremely efficient in quickly scanning the entire undercarriage of the vehicle at high efficiency. The technology can be used in the places like sports complexes, stadiums, malls, and open rally grounds. Defence armed forces, Petroleum sector, Five star hotel chains, International airports, Government offices, Private sectors, Railways, Oil & Gas Sector, Embassies, Banks & financial companies can also use the technology to maintain security and safety. Similarly, intelligence agencies enforce vehicle checkpoints at the entry points of sensitive infrastructure where the use of DepScan UVSS can ensure vehicle safety.

The product attains exceptional outcomes even when deployed in low light since it uses its own sequence of LEDs. The product is deployed at multiple high-security locations around the world.

Vehant Technologies is a leading Artificial Intelligence focused company that develops state of the art Security Screening Solutions, Smart & Safe City Solutions and Enterprise Analytics Solutions that match the global standards. All our solutions are continuously leveraging towards technological innovations to solve various safety & security related issues. All of our products are designed, developed & manufactured in India & Europe to meet global standards, features and quality.

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