Saurav Roy, author of the novel ‘Saved by the Devil’

Kolkata, West Bengal India, December 14: Life’s little-big lessons can be learned from anyone, and author Saurav Roy’s heartwarming story “Saved by the Devil” teaches us a lot about this. The marvelously written book, which was released this year on April 14, 2022, is more than its name suggests. Like those fables and tales conveying morals, this book delivers life lessons that inspire each person in society.

As a pet parent and not a pet owner, the author is a proud dad who shares with the world his quest of seven long years with his little wonders. Nurturing and caring can bring bliss, and “Saved by the Devil” is the key to learning on this front. It speaks of those intense and sensitive issues that society needs to resolve. The narrative’s humble manner of inspiring people makes it even more popular among readers. That’s why it has been well-received since its release.

Devil, author Saurav Roy’s eldest son, who came into his life as a savior, is a boon to him and his wife. Along with their other little bundles of joy, the writer and his spouse have observed and learned a lot of things as they nurtured them. Devil not only saved them, but his growing-up story also paved the way for the author and his wife to become parents. Saurav Roy not only shares the wonderful insights of being a pet parent and the small but significant joys that come with it, but he also motivates the entire society with the life lessons depicted in his book.

According to the theme of the book “Saved by the Devil,” the writer tells us how an innocent living being cares for others, how his bravery saves us, and how he becomes our life companion. His aim to notify the whole society has been accomplished by the morals conveyed in this remarkable edition.

Saurav Roy’s book tells us about his experiences with his beloved pet children, particularly Devil, who earns the title of daredevil. Indeed, it’s intriguing how an innocent being shows colossal courage to save, help, and guide others. This theme attracts the readers, and Devil, the protagonist, connects with them inextricably.

“Saved by the Devil” expresses the feelings, experiences, and emotions of a pet parent. Not only other pet parents, but every reader of this wonderful book—every human being—will feel a strong bond with the Devil. There’s no doubt that man’s best friend is worthy of his name, and Devil leaves no stone unturned in winning the readers’ hearts.

Author Saurav Roy’s book teaches people the true meaning of life. The central character makes us learn about honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, love, and care. Devil, along with the author’s other four pet children, has brought a wave of joy into their lives. Through his impeccably written narrative, the author exclaims that their pet kids have so much to offer that they are capable of guiding humans toward leading a more meaningful and better life.

Exquisite carvings throughout the book depict the author’s seven lessons from Devil. Pet children assist their pet parents in developing into more mature, compassionate, and affectionate individuals, according to author Saurav Roy. It’s amazing to see how a small wonder has so much vigour, love, intelligence, and bravery, page by page and line by line. This is sufficient to inspire one person, which in turn encourages the entire human species.

“Saved by the Devil” spreads the message that the virtues found in pet kids are not only fruitful to their pet parents but also serve the betterment of society. The author, Saurav Roy, takes the initiative to help one million pet parents understand their pet kids better, while also influencing people without pets, little children, teenagers, and grown-ups. Such a noble deed and a splendidly written book are boons to everyone living in this society. Its pearls of wisdom help preserve a civilization that has been tormented by ill thoughts and misdeeds lately.

The chapters, the incidents, and the lessons highlight the Devil’s trustworthiness, his love for the author, and his way of expressing his feelings toward his loved ones. This very trait is sufficient to change people’s negative energies and make them more humane.

The book is an outstanding, flawless read because of its emotion, truth, and viewpoints. Its exquisite storytelling technique, original concepts, clever plot, and straightforward point of view elevate it to the next level of literature. It is extremely admirable of the author to have given society such a powerful message.

In conclusion, “Saved by the Devil” is a commendable and intriguing book that stands on its own. It speaks for the pet children, their allegiance, bravery, compassion, simplicity, and love for people. It speaks to those long-forgotten human virtues. It speaks for the qualities that give humans their rightful reputation. These lovely humans go above and beyond to help others. Saurav Roy, the author, has made a commendable effort to help pet parents, pet children, and everyone else in this community. The book has drawn acclaim and admiration from all corners of the world. Readers of all ages have loved and adored author Saurav Roy’s outstanding and wholesome novel because it has so much to offer humanity.

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